Where Have All The Shooters Gone

Well, fellow shooters, week five is now history and we’re well on our way to establishing handicaps, which will kevel the playing field.  Some of the dart machines we use will do this automatically but there are different machines at the different venues and even when the same brand machine is in use, I’m not sure that the handicap application is the same for different ‘generations’ of that brand.  This means that the handicap will have to be applied manually before each game.  So if you think that the games are slowed down now by keeping these stats, well, stand by for heavy rolls cause it’s going to get worse.

But it’s a necessary evil – as a league, we can’t keep giving all the top prizes to the same top players every season; not if we want to attract new shooters into the competition, that is!  And that is one goal we should all be in favor of, right?  At least for me, that is a primary goal, not just leveling the playing field but expanding the league to more than eight teams playing at four venues.

This league, in days gone by, had over sixty players on four-shooter teams playing at more than a dozen venues around the area.  We can get back to that level again if we want to, but it may take some time.

Game On!

Eric “BullShooter” Rychener


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