Tuesday Night ShootOut for DMVDA

Since there doesn’t seem to be a Spring League forming this year, I would like to propose a ‘Tuesday Night ShootOut.’  It will be an open board, Luck of the Draw for partners.  We’ll play 501 strait-in, double-out, 25/50 Bulls.  This seems like the easiest way to get rolling – maybe later we can get into Cricket or Bermuda but for now it’s a “01” shoot-out.

The entry fee will be $3 per person to feed the machines, with the balance going toward winner takes all (that reminds me that I need to figure how hungry the machines will be).  Let’s host this at  American Legion Post 64 across from the National Guard Armory,  at 7 PM starting on March 31st.  We’ll start promptly so come early to take your warm-ups, pay your dues and sign in.  If you want to discuss the options, contact me.

Watch this website for any changes to this as I’ll post them as soon as I get them.

Game On!

Eric “BullShooter” Rychener



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