Rainy Daze and Tuesdays Come and Gone

Well, chaps, we got thru another Tuesday Night ShootOut and by now we’ve all survived another taxing Wednesday (an unfortunate reference to April 15 and the Infernal Revenuers).  I hope your taxday was kinder than mine, although I did get finished earlier than usual this year – took the standard deduction for the first time this year since I don’t know when – even tho I went thru the painful procedure of documenting every itemized deduction I could claim.  I submitted my returns by high noon and then headed for the post office to get my tax-due envelope stamped with an April 15th date.

Enough of that – this is not a taxpayer-woe-is-me site – this is a darting blog so I’ll just have to get over it!

Tuesday Night ShootOuts get better and better so if you’re missing them you ought to get with the program and come out to the Legion for a little fun.  If attendance keeps improving, it won’t be long before we’ll need to get a second dart machine in there so we can complete the ’01-Luck-of-the-Draw before closing time!  So far, however, that is not a problem.

We’ll host another ShootOut at Legion Post 64 in Salisbury next Tuesday.  Start time will be 1900 (that’s 7 P.M. for you civ-line shooters) so come early to get your warm-ups in.

Tournament format will be a 501 doubles game, open-in, double-out, single elimination with partners chosen by Luck of the Draw.  If less than eight shooters show up we’ll shoot single-player games of 301.  If you want to discuss other options, contact me.

Watch this website for any changes to this.

Game On!

Eric “BullShooter” Rychener


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