In the Beginning . . . and it was Good!

The DelMarVa Darters Association has been around a long time, although it has not always been known by that moniker.  Only recently, when we wanted to publish schedules, scores, team notices and individual kudos online, did we decide to hang a handle on the league.  Thus was born the league organization that is now called the DelMarVa Darters Association.

Our headquarters is on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in Salisbury, MD, as are most of the pubs that our members frequent.  We do draw shooters from other burgs like Delmar, Hebron, Sharptown, and Parsonsburg, to name just a few.  According to the rankings established by Arachnid’s Galaxy machine, we have a few ‘B’ shooters but the rest of the regulars fall in the ‘C’ and ‘D’ classes.  Our stats are now being tracked at and since they won’t allow shooters to cross the division lines, all of our shooters are ‘officially’ in the ‘D’ class.

We’ve been shooting organized matches on Tuesday evenings at various venues around the area so feel free to drop on by sometime.  Even if you are not in the league, most of our members would gladly toss a few darts in a ‘pick-up’ match while they’re tossin down a few (brewskies) at the local pub!

Game On!

Eric “BullShooter” Rychener


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