First Tuesday Night ShootOut was a RainOut

The first Tuesday night shootout left a few things to be desired – mainly the shooters.  Turnout was a bit less than I expected but perhaps the threat of rain kept some at home or perhaps everyone needs more than a few days notice?

So we’ll try it again next week, this can become a weekly event once it gets rolling.  The entry fee will remain $3 per person to feed the machines, with the balance going toward winner takes all.  Let’s host this at  American Legion Post 64 across from the National Guard Armory,  at 7 PM.  We’ll start promptly so come early to take your warm-ups, pay your dues and sign in.

Tournament format will be a 501 doubles game, open-in, double-out, single elimination with partners chosen by Luck of the Draw.  If less than eight shooters show up we’ll shoot single-player games of 301.  If you want to discuss other options, contact me.

One last change, I’m putting up a Jackson (twenty dollar bill, ten if shooting single-301) to ensure that the winning team goes home with at least a 10-spot per shooter!

Watch this website for any changes to this.

Game On!

Eric “BullShooter” Rychener


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