This Is DMVDA!

Long ago in a town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore called Salisbury, a bunch of chaps who enjoyed tossing a few darts at an old hunk of wood cut from a tree stump, got together at a local pub and decided to organize themselves into a league for the purpose of competitive tournament play.  They called it the DelMarVa Darters Association.  And here we are on the World Wide Web!

We currently throw on Tuesday evenings at several pubs in the area and the members will entertain ‘pick-up’ games at the drop of a hat/tam.  We’ve recently started keeping stats online – check the links at the top or bottom of the page.  You’ll also find several other links there which may, or may not, prove to be useful.

We don’t intend to get into stats, rules or league news at this site, hence the links we’ve provided for those things.  Rather we will strive to assist you in matters of stance, technique, games-man-ship and etiquette.  And perhaps we will succeed in keeping you entertained along the way.

So relax, step up to the oche and take your best shot.

Game On!

Eric “BullShooter” Rychener

DelMarVa Darters Association


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